Make it happen Leading UK kitchen retailer Magnet Kitchens wanted to break from their style-led marketing to appeal to families, highlighting the durability of their kitchens and focusing on the emotional side of family home life.

What we did Brazen cast aside the usual spotless kitchen imagery to focus on a more relatable vision of family life in the kitchen – mess, tantrums and all!

To create a strong emotional connection with parents, Brazen created a competition micro-site inviting the public to share their most hilarious and touching family kitchen memories for the chance to win a new Magnet kitchen. The site automatically transformed their story into a personalised graphic to drive social media shares and widespread campaign awareness.

Brazen’s in-house video production team, Brazen Live, also shot a range of ‘made-for social media’ videos to drive customers to the micro-site, supported by targeted paid social spend. Each of these showcased moments in the kitchen that would speak to families and drive a strong emotional reaction. This ranged from adorable behind-the-scenes moments with the 4-year-old star of the TV ad singing Christmas carols at the kitchen table, to cringe-worthy campaign teasers showing the aftermath of baking with kids…complete with Lego bricks submerged in icing!

To extend campaign reach and boost contest entries, Brazen also worked with five influencers who each shared their own family kitchen memories. This included video content starring two TV presenters and blog content from three online influencers, with all five sharing the content across their own social channels to drive traffic to the micro-site.

Having generated extensive campaign reach and a strong level of fan interaction, the next phase focused on converting these leads into sales to coincide with the Boxing Day Sales period. This included Facebook and Instagram ads retargeted at those who had viewed and interacted with campaign content, seeding out special offers and inviting users to ‘Make a Magnet Kitchen Part of the Family’.

At the same time, Brazen created a series of Pinterest trend infographics and pinboards showing the kitchen featured in the television advert styled in five different ways to suit different personal tastes. These styles were selected to tap into the most popular Pinterest interior design search trends, driving visibility in Pinterest searches, with direct links to Magnet products to convert leads into sales.

 Results Generated 10.9M impressions on social media and 2M video views at £0.002 per view. Created 500k engagements and 2k user-generated content shares. Drove 26k social media traffic to the Magnet Kitchens site.