MAKE IT HAPPEN Make people think differently about appliance care and promote Dr. Beckmann Service-it Washing Machine Cleaner

WHAT WE DID We knew that most people can’t see when they need to clean their washing machine, but they can certainly smell when it needs some TLC.

So, in true Brazen style, we concocted a stunt to get people to think differently about appliance care and give their washing machine the love it deserves.

In a nutshell: we invented a brand new perfume – Eau d’Our – and took it to the streets of London to test it on unsuspecting commuters.

We pulled no punches in our quest to dupe the public…

Original packaging? Tick.

Hideous scent reminiscent of a filthy washing machine drum? Very big tick.

French nationals serving as our brand ambassadors? You betcha.

We spent a day traversing Kensington High Street filming ‘consumer tests’ of the perfume on unsuspecting Londoners, capturing the hilarious responses before telling them about the product.

The resulting footage was edited into a video for Dr. Beckmann’s social channels, where we oversaw a highly targeted paid-for campaign to drive views.

Elsewhere, we worked alongside a number of leading cleaning and lifestyle influencers who amplified the content on their own channels.

While this campaign might not have made us smell like roses, it certainly lingered on news feeds nationwide!

Results 1 million+ video views across Dr Beckmann social channels. 5x influencer partnerships and a media partnership with the Daily Express to give away a washing machine