Challenge & Solution

Dr Beckmann asked Brazen to mastermind a high-profile PR stunt to put its No.1 Carpet Stain Remover on  the news agenda, boosting brand awareness and sales.

So we told the story of Becki Cocks – a young woman who loved cleaning and caring for her beloved rug (Mat) so much, she married it!

We staged the wedding in a carpet shop, complete with guests, celebrant, wedding dress, bridesmaids  plus all the trimmings, filming and photographing the entire event.


Results & ROI

  • 22 news hits, 11 in national media, 3.4M video views inc The Sun Online (1.6M video views via their Twitter page)
  • Total social reach 11,671,330; OTS 63,574,778
  • 25% spike in sales of Carpet Stain Remover across retail outlets
  • Double PR Award Winner