MAKE IT HAPPEN Brazen was tasked with boosting brand awareness and helping underpin sales of Dr Beckmann’s best-selling Carpet Stain Remover.

WHAT WE DID Always ready to take creativity to the nth degree, Brazen decided to test the mettle of Dr Beckmann’s biggest fans.

A plan was constructed to see how fans’ huge love for the brand would translate into action – by setting out to find someone who would go to incredible lengths to demonstrate their Dr Beckmann brand affection.

Brazen didn’t have to wait long. Enter Bekki Cocks, a massive Dr Beckmann fan who used her Carpet Stain remover every day on her favourite rug, which she’d named ‘Mat’.

Bekki loved ‘Mat’ so much she vowed she’d marry her favourite rug. So Brazen set about organising and designing an entire wedding – hiring a celebrant and staging the ceremony…where else but a carpet shop!

Surrounded by family, friends and invited guests, Bekki pledged ‘I Rug You’ to ‘Mat’ in a service paid for by Dr Beckmann – with the entire ceremony captured on film.

The media couldn’t wait to tell the story – with big hits in all the national tabloid media including The Sun, Daily Star and The Guardian.

Video of the ceremony quickly became viral with over 3million views in record time – after Brazen pushed it out across Dr Beckmann’s social media channels as well as through online media sites.

Brazen’s ‘I Rug You’ stunt hit the bullseye for Dr Beckmann – creating a viral sensation that not only won fame with more than 3.4m video views, kick-starting conversation everywhere, but also won a 25% spike in sales of Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover in the following days. Truly showcasing the power of a perfect PR stunt.

Results 22 news hits, 11 across national media, 3.4M video views, The Sun Online alone recorded 1.6M video views via Twitter, a total social following of 12M with an OTS of 64M, a 25% spike in sales of Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover, featured on BBC1 panel show ‘Have I Got News For You’ (1.2+million viewers), blanket industry & media praise for the campaign

Susan Fermor, Dr Beckmann Marketing Director: “After 10 years’ working together, the Brazen team never ceases to amaze me with its creative thinking and daring approach to news generation and customer engagement. Marry a rug? This viral stunt was not only brave and original, but it captured our brand essence perfectly and boosted sales significantly. Bravo.”

 BBC News: “This genuinely made me laugh out loud, thank you for making me smile on a miserable day.”

Manchester Evening News: “This is one of the funniest things I’ve heard all year.”

 Daily Mirror: “This has brightened up an otherwise dull day.”

 The Sun: Madness, love it! Thanks for this great story.”

 Wilf Walsh, CEO of Carpet Right, Tweeted: “The game has GONE!”

 Harry Wallop (UK’s No1 national consumer reporter) Tweeted: Press release of the day: ‘Woman loves her rug so much she married it’. Every sentence is solid gold batshit crazy.”