Make it happen Content Marketing Agency, Brazen, was asked to create a truly disruptive news-driven PR stunt to help raise the national profile of Pilgrims Choice cheddar cheese in the run-up to the major sales period of Christmas.

What we did We carved the World’s Cheesiest Nativity Scene out of Pilgrims Choice cheddar cheese, then photographed and videoed it and launched the display via press and social media to critical acclaim.

Brazen commissioned a renowned food artist who used 40kg of mature cheddar to painstakingly fashion a highly detailed scene, complete with all the essentials of a Christmas nativity.

Taking five pain staking days to hand sculpt using a magnifying glass and toothpick – this original work of art featured a cheese Joseph and cheese Mary huddled around a cheese crib with a cheese shepherd and even cheese wise men carrying gifts of Branston pickle, as well as cheese sheep, a cheese cow and, of course, a cheese donkey in tow.

And at the centre of the meticulously sculpted 40cm by 15cm model, which also had its own detailed stable housing the characters, was the young infant whose story is so famed – Baby Jesus (otherwise known as Baby Cheesus.)

Brazen shot footage at each stage of the creation, editing into an engaging video, which was then hand-delivered to national news desks with a knock out news story and a hamper of cheese and wine. Following a nationwide sell-in to guarantee column inches, the story and content was also shared across Pilgrims Choice’s social media channels to create mass engagement and fun in the run up to Christmas.

Screen time 20+ national media hits inc x3 national newspapers, ITV news, online news sites and BBC regional radio stations; 292M reach; 32K video views across social media channels; Sales boost for Christmas 2015.