Make it happen High-street and online retailer, Wilko, challenged Brazen to make fame for its own-brand toy range, BLOX, in the run up to Christmas. The idea should live in PR and social media and ladder up to the wider marcomms campaign, ‘Let’s Make Christmas!’

What we did Brazen discovered that a customer had written into to Wilko to tell them how much her space-mad children, Oscar and Layla Adams, loved their range of Blox toys, in particular the Blox Astronaut.

In the spirit of making Christmas dreams come true, Brazen devised a campaign which would see the childrens’ very own Blox Astronaut sent into outer space.

Working in partnership with Sheffield based aeronautics company SentintoSpace, the siblings were able to use a carefully calculated volume of hydrogen to lift the balloon, with Blox Astronaut attached, three times higher than planes fly – reaching the dizzy height of 37,800 metres.

The Blox Astronaut went on a two and a half hour journey to the edge of space before landing back down on earth, and giving the children their very own ‘man on the moon’ to keep forever.

Brazen photographed and filmed the stunt, creating rich, visual assets to attach to the story, before selling into the national and regional media.

Results Blanket national and international media coverage from the Independent, Daily Mirror and Daily Express to UNIlad, AOL and New York Post; 16 number of hits in total; With a PR reach of 357,765,997, Cost per eyeball £0.00004; Over 500K video views on Wilko’s Facebook page; Cost per view of £0.003; With a social reach of 3,176,567

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