The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourite films. But some of the things that Andrea gets asked really do go above the call of duty.


You really wouldn’t want to regularly collect your boss’s dry cleaning, but what about being asked to source the biggest, longest, highest thing in the world to ensure your client’s stunt or event was delivered to perfection?


We pull off crazy requests on a weekly basis for a range of national PR and social media clients without batting an eyelid.


These requests though go over and above what you’d think was possible for a stunt or event, but our daring and uncompromising approach means that the results are immense and deliver stand out moments for clients and our own careers.


For example, do you fancy commissioning the world’s largest beach ball (as tall as the White House) and inflating it on Blackpool Beach? Just to add to this request, make sure the weather behaves and it’s not too windy or rainy.


We’ve pulled off more Guinness World Records than you could shake a stick at, all having to be the most ambitious stunts possible. How would you feel about getting the call to organise a Guinness World Record for the Largest Simultaneous Game of Monopoly? This means that you need to organise 27 events in 21 countries. Or set up a 24 Hour Board-athon at Chill Factore, the UK’s longest indoor ski slope?


At Brazen, we love going large for stunts. We’ve been asked to find a baker who could make a giant edible cake that looks like a meadow complete with mini cows, hedges and flowers for Kerrygold. And the world’s largest game of Twister? No probs! The board was 40m square and took up the whole of a school football pitch.


Do you remember when Robby Savage had a ponytail? We decided to cut it off, display it at the National Football Museum and made it even more famous! Imagine the account exec who got that call.


Other ambitious live PR stunts include delivering Chicago Town pizza to a remote Scottish island to give the residents their first taste of a take away pizza, opening a transparent hotel, launching the world’s first vertical catwalk down the side of the V&A for Jockey underwear and launching our own pizzeria for Ristorante, but not telling anyone we were serving frozen pizza.


While these stunts and campaigns may have given us some sleepless nights wondering whether we can pull them off, the great results you get for clients for doing something truly unique and different makes it all worthwhile. Stunts and events get people talking, excited, interactive and ultimately loyal.


Just makes you wonder… What can we do next?!


Here’s 16 of our sweetest Live Stunts and Events moments to celebrate 16 years being in the business. Which do you remember doing?



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