Is this the world’s most embarrassing PR stunt?

What would your reaction be if you happened across a stranger with an awkwardly embarrassing stain on the back of their pants? That’s what we wanted to find out in our latest PR stunt for Dr Beckmann.

In PR, it’s sometimes all about taking a risk. We want to get people talking and what better way is there than to smear chocolate on the behinds of two actors and have them walk around Manchester’s Northern Quarter?

With the help of our content production team, Brazen Live, the humorous ‘social experiment’ was set up for our client Dr. Beckmann, makers of Stain Devils. We wanted to test public etiquette in the ultimate awkward PR stunt to see whether members of the public would risk embarrassing themselves in order to save someone else from feeling red faced. What’s more, we also had a major social question to answer –  would people respond differently to the male and female actors?

Well, the risk payed off and we certainly brought members of the public skidding to a halt! The video has already clocked up over half a million views and has been reported on the Daily Star online, plus shared by numerous influential parenting and lifestyle bloggers.

The public’s reaction to the two actors was very different – the poor male actor was stopped only once, whilst a lot more people were quick to jump to the aid of the female actress and point out her unsightly stain.

The team here at Brazen would like to think we would all stop to help a poor stranger out in this situation, but what would you do?

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