We know that we’re speaking to content converts already, but we never underestimate the power of content which can take a good campaign and send it stratospheric.

Adding video content to support a news story can make the story live on and on online. It can also be at the heart of the campaign and the reason why we create a story…

For example, when we were asked to drive awareness of toys for wilko at Christmas, the content came first and a great story was built around it. We sent a Blox spaceman and spaceship into space on a giant helium balloon and the stunning video really helped to secure strong online results. Read our case study.

We also had some great success for Optical Express when former Love Island stars, Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland, had laser eye surgery and were captured on camera talking about the process. The episodic videos were featured across social media achieving over 250k views and featured a grand total of 13 times on Mail Online. The title is so hungry for content, so each time they featured a piece about the couple, they reposted our video interview. Such fantastic coverage for the brand.

This thirst for content is why we set up Brazen Live just over 12 months ago now, headed up by former BBC producer Sarah Hodgetts. Whether you need video content for social campaigns to work with the Facebook algorithm, create a number of Instagram Stories in one go to drip feed out or are looking for bigger, more cinematic productions – our team could help!

The team has created over 500 pieces of content in the last 12 months and aiming for far more this year.

One of the highlights from the last 12 months included delivering frozen pizza to the most remote town in Britain, Knoydart, to bring a taste of Chicago Town Takeaway pizzas to the residents who’ve never had a frozen pizza. The team travelled by plane, boat, taxi and on foot to get to the remote beachside location and had just half an hour to get shots of the helicopter before the pilot left again. Filming in the driving rain and against the updraft of the helicopter made it difficult to keep the tripod legs on the ground but pizza for lunch saw them through!

At the other end of the scale, we’re regularly creating snackable content for our clients’ social media campaigns. When Magnet briefed us on its new TV campaign, the team started by looking at ways to extend the TV campaign by bringing the ad campaign to life in social media newsfeeds. The team captured timelapse video, behind-the-scenes content from the TV shoot, interviewed the talent and created additional stories for the TV characters. All the video content was social-first as it was shot in the best style, content format and length for social media.

This approach is not without its challenges; shooting social content around a TV schedule can bring issues around continuity and style/quality consistency. These challenges however were met head on and ironed out through rigorous content planning.

We’d love to hear from you about your campaign objectives, broader brand ambitions and what you’re looking for content-wise. We could help deliver you the next award winning content campaign.


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