Sunrise Yoga, the Perfect Start to the Day.  

I recently attended a sunrise yoga session and it’s totally changed my idea of a perfect morning.

I’m not a morning person. I’m one of those who struggles to get out of bed in the morning and doesn’t particularly like conversation before 10am, until I’ve had a decent brew.

But my colleague Melissa recently posted some great ideas about how to de-stress on your lunch break – so when the opportunity for a sunrise yoga session came up, I jumped at it as a great idea for how to relax before you even get to your desk!

I’d usually be the sort of person to avoid any sort of exercise before work and let’s be honest, a sunrise yoga class doesn’t sound ideal for a self-confessed morning grouch.

However for people who hate an early start, a yoga session is actually the perfect solution. Yoga is a combination of stretching poses, strengthening exercises, deep breathing exercises and meditation; and is known to reduce stress and help with mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a word we keep hearing everywhere at the moment. But what does it actually mean? Can it help or it is all wishy washy rubbish?

Mindfulness is simply to be fully present and aware of what we’re doing, not letting the day to day traumas of life affect us. It’s closely linked to the meditation and relaxation of yoga – and is becoming more and more accepted as a genuine way to deal with mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression.

The deep breathing techniques and exercises during yoga help you to take a step back from your everyday life and take some time to yourself to breathe, to think, and to focus.

The yoga session left me feeling refreshed and revitalised, with a positive energy and attitude. I’ve never arrived at work feeling so ready for whatever the day may throw at me!

We recently helped our client Hilton Manchester Deansgate launch its sunrise yoga sessions in its sky high bar, Cloud 23. Twenty-three floors up, the class looked out through full-length glass windows across the beautiful city of Manchester. As the city hustled and bustled on the way to work, our yogis did a stretch, took a breath, and enjoyed the view.

So there it is, if you hate mornings like me, the solution is downward dogs and the warrior pose!

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