NPD launch: It’s a kinda magic for Dr. Beckmann

Challenge & Solution

Brazen was tasked with educating & entertaining consumers about the launch of Dr. Beckmann’s Magic Leaves Laundry Sheets – a first-of-its kind product launch, set to disrupt the competitive laundry-care market.

Our goal was to position the sheets as THE sexy, new, smarter, lighter, faster, eco-friendly way to wash your clothes & appeal to a younger audience.

So we devised a creative launch platform, securing key media & influencer endorsement showing the product physically in action (“Gone in 60 seconds”), topped with a PR stunt starring a relevant influencer, to bring to life the ‘magical’ element of the product & kickstart conversations.

Linking with the UK’s coolest magician, famous on TV & Tik Tok – TROY THE MAGICIAN – we filmed a series of magic tricks using the Magic Leaves sheets (floating & disappearing), creating engaging video content to issue across national & social media. Coupled with a supporting news story revealing ‘Brits’ Biggest Laundry Blunders’ – including shrinking, staining & not knowing what the washing machine drawers are used for (!) to generate headlines.


Results & ROI

  • Mass coverage: 200+ PR hits; 60+ influencer posts; 1.32M social impressions; 315M+ OTS
  • Driving sales: 33% uplift in Morrisons during Troy stunt; product now stocked across retailers nationwide (attributed to demand created by Brazen); younger customers secured (20.7% under 25s according to Tesco data)
  • Hailed as NPD success by Dr. Beckmann, securing conversations, listings & sales