Make it happen Leading high-street retailer Wilko asked Brazen’s specialist social media team to help it build a deep relationship and reputation with its customers online.

With an expansive social media brief spanning five social media channels, including community management, content creation, running a paid-for strategy, and managing customer services and with a crisis remit, both in and out of hours 9am – 10pm seven days a week), the team set challenging targets to grow the communities quickly in terms of engagement and fan numbers.

What we did We built Wilko’s relationship and reputation with its customers through daily engagement and conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

We all know content is king. And a key part of our strategy is producing engaging rich content videos through the Brazen Live studio including a wide range of techniques such as stop motion and animation as well as live action video. All content aims to capture the imagination, provoke engagement and foster brand love for Wilko by driving reach and engagement across its social channels and online.

The social media team ensures they keep ahead of all channel developments and use Live broadcasts, collections, carousels, 360 images and a host of other techniques in order to keep the content fresh and exciting.

We run sophisticated paid-for strategies to grow fans and engagement levels. The team constantly tests and adjusts social media advertising campaigns to ensure they are delivering at the optimum level and they are targeted accurately depending on the objective.

Screen time We’ve surpassed all KPIs set over an 18-month period; We talk to 762K+ fans across the channels – which has quadrupled the Facebook community, doubled the number of Twitter followers, increased followers on Instagram by x6 and generated millions of engaged users on Pinterest; We’ve produced 180 live action videos resulting in 7M video views and a reach of 34M; Driving 55K visits per month to the website via social media.